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Tulio Bertorini


Tulio started his cycling life as a Mountain Biker and avid mountain bike racer in the 90’s. He did trail work back when Stanky Creek was new and cut some sections that are still in use today. He was also recently President to the Memphis Hightailers Bicycle Club one of the largest bicycle clubs in the area. He is President of the Memphis Hightailers Foundation that handles education for the bicycle club. His experience with non-profits, events and cycling advocacy will be a great asset as we relaunch MSTA and get to work on improving all of our trail systems in the Midsouth.

Mike grew up as a roadie in the Ozarks of Southwest Missouri, but he's now a converted MTBer. Mike moved to Memphis in 2003 and got back into cycling & mountain biking in 2008. He became a member of MSTA and started attending work days shortly after. Mike was a regular Dirty in the Dark attendee in its beginning years and is now the co-leader of the MHBC iteration of the ride. He was previously on the MSTA Board in 2017 and we are so excited to have him back. Mike is excited about the new direction of MSTA and being able to be a part of that.

mike vincent

Director of Trails




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